Day Eight of Coding Dojo Onsite Boot Camp
Posted on June 10, 2015 in Coding Dojo, Programming Bootcamp by Matt Jennings

Wow, things have gotten much harder, but in a good way. I almost completed all of the jQuery Pokedex assignment my ran into a few issues.

First, when on said web page if you click on the first Pokemon image (Bulbasaur) it was a challenge to show have Types to appear in the Clicked Pokemon Features div on right side. Clicking on other Pokemon images only split out one bullet under the Types heading. This line below fixed that:

for (var j = 0; j < response.types.length; j++) {
    allPokeTypes += "<li>" + response.types[j].name + "</li>";

Second, also after the first Pokemon image (Bulbasaur) was clicked I had problems outputting the date under the Height and Weight headings. This code fixed those issues:

// Pokemon height
var pokeHeight = response.height;

// Pokemon Weight
var pokeWeight = response.weight;

Finally, after struggling through that jQuery assignment I moved on to learning about MySQL by creating ERD diagrams (AKA “Entity Relationship Diagram diagram” ☺) using MySQL Workbench.

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