Day Five of Coding Dojo Onsite Boot Camp
Posted on June 6, 2015 in Coding Dojo, Programming Bootcamp by Matt Jennings

I finally finished the HTML and CSS sections and am working on the Git/GitHub/Terminal section. I already know many Git/GitHub/Terminal commands but learned a few new ones, like in Terminal I open the¬†Mac Finder¬†program to display the directory I’m currently in by entering the command:
open .

Also, I’ve decided to use LESS CSS, instead of plain CSS, on all my projects from here on out so I can get lots of practice.

After 5pm today, a classmate from my cohort, other peeps from cohorts further along and I went to the Rockbottom Brewery in Downtown Bellevue. While talking to these other peeps I learned that I wasn’t only the one who struggled training to learn how to program on my own and that no one who I talked to had a computer science degree. Besides that, they were very friendly people who shared openly about their lives.

I was also glad that upstairs in the restaurant where we hung out was open to minors. There’s some under-21 peeps in my cohort so in the future I can suggest this restaurant as a good place to go.

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