Day Four of Coding Dojo Onsite Boot Camp
Posted on June 4, 2015 in Coding Dojo, Programming Bootcamp by Matt Jennings

In finally finished all my CSS projects today which consisted of building looking at business website screenshots, downloading a few images like business logos, and building business websites from scratch using only HTML and CSS.

Today I got to look more into Twitter Bootstrap and LESS CSS pre-processor. I was very happy using both of these technologies today. They can both do some cool stuff.

With Twitter Bootstrap I got to create a web page that had a dismissible alert. It was very easy to code this and I had no problems.

After setting up LESS, I enjoyed using it to convert a business web page I created in the class from CSS to LESS. The big take away from using LESS is that I was able to use more of the DRY development principle compared to writing CSS.

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