CodeIgniter PHP MVC Framework User Quotes and Favorites Website Demo

Using the CodeIgniter PHP MVC framework and MySQL, I created a demo website where users can:

  • Register.
  • Login.
  • Submit quotes.
  • Add an existing quote as a favorite.

The website includes PHP session variables to display form validation success and failure messages and uses:

  • MySQL for primary and foreign keys on related tables, aliases in queries, and left joins in queries..
  • Object-oriented PHP including classes, subclasses, methods, and properties.
  • Session and flash data (short-term session) variables for user logins and errors messages.

Note: I will provide login details for an existing user as needed.

See CodeIgniter PHP MVC Framework Demo >>

Web Developer: Matt Jennings.

Technologies Used:

HTML, CSS, CodeIgniter PHP MVC Framework, MySQL, and command line Git and GitHub.

CodeIgniter PHP MVC Framework Demo 1 - Home Page Register Form Validation Messages

CodeIgniter PHP MVC Framework Demo 1 - User Quotes and Favorites Page after Logging In

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