Search by Pokemon Name or ID using PokéAPI with React and Memoization

I created a Search by Pokemon Name or ID using PokéAPI with React and Memoization website (see GitHub repo). This React website is hosted on GitHub pages and uses:

  • PokéAPI, which is a free API where it's possible to view a single Pokémon (Japanese cartoon character) via the Pokémon's name or ID number in JSON format
  • The onSubmit event enables people to click the Submit button or press Enter on their keyboards to search for a Pokémon
  • Form error handling, including when submitting:
    •  An empty string displaying a Please enter a Pokemon name or ID. error message
    • A Pokémon's name or ID that doesn't exist (like 4444) displaying a No Pokemon found! Please search again. error message
  • A useDebounce custom hook to throttle Pokémon's name or ID number searches to prevent excessive PokéAPI calls
  • useMemo React hook to cache searches via Pokémon's name or ID and prevent unnecessary React component renders
  • Extensive browser testing, such as with Chrome Lighthouse, to confirm that the website is accessible for the web

Successful search for charizard using Pokemon API

Unsuccessful Pokemon API search using Pokemon ID number 4444

Renders of Pokemon API search app using React from the useMemo React hook to cache results between renders

Find Pokemon (GitHub Pages) >>

Web Developer: Matt Jennings

Technologies Used:

Vite with React, React, useMemo React hook (for memoizing PokéAPI fetches), SCSS (Sass), ESLint, Prettier, and GitHub Pages.

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