Day Two of Coding Dojo Onsite Boot Camp
Posted on June 3, 2015 in Coding Dojo, Programming Bootcamp by Matt Jennings

We did some JavaScript algorithms today, like this. Woohoo!

We had to write out about ten JavaScript algorithms on blank pieces of paper and the teachers collected them to look them over. They weren’t graded but I know they’ll be able to find out what concepts the class is missing and teach us them.

I’m had to write JavaScript algorithms like the one I mentioned in job interviews so I know this will come in handy. I didn’t get too many of the ones we wrote correct but I feel confident I can learn them. It’s only the second day of class after all!

Other than that, I’m working on assignments where I need to recreated web pages only using HTML, CSS and a few images. I already have a high knowledge of HTML and CSS so it’s a slog. Yet, I’ll looking forward into learning more about LESS at the end of the CSS and HTML section.

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