Git Foundations
Posted on August 28, 2020 in Git by Matt Jennings

The information below is from Git Foundations chapter of Git In-depth.

How does git Store Information?

  • git is like a key value store.
  • The Value = date
  • The Key – Hash of the Date
  • You can use the key to retrieve the content.

The Key – SHA1

This value should always be the same if the given input is the same.

The Value – Blob

git store the compressed data in a blog, along with metadata in a header.

Where Does git Store Its Data?

In the .git directory.

The blobs are stored in the .git/objects directory.


tree contains pointers (using SHA1) to:

  • blobs
  • other trees
  • metadata

Other Optimizations – Packfiles, Deltas

The PackFile stores the object, and “deltas”, or the differences between one version of the file and the next.


Definition: A code snapshot.

References – Pointers to Commits

  • Tags
  • Branches
  • HEAD – a pointer to the current commit (there can only be one HEAD at a given point in time)

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