Git History and Diffs
Posted on August 30, 2020 in Git by Matt Jennings

How to do Multi Line Commit Messages in Git

In your terminal, just hit ‘enter’ for a new line:

$ git commit -m "1. what i changed
> 2. blank line
> 3. why i changed"

Git Log –since

Example code:

  • git log --since="yesterday"
  • git log --since="2 weeks ago"

Git Show: Look at a Commit

  • Show commits and contents:
    git show <commit>
  • Show files changed in a commit:
    git show <commit> --stat


Example code:

  • Unstaged changes:
    git diff
  • Staged changes:
    git diff --staged
  • Show all changes on the feature branch but NOT on theĀ masterĀ branch
    git diff master feature
    git diff master..feature

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