Git Merge Merging and ReReRe
Posted on September 2, 2020 in Git by Matt Jennings

Merge Commits

  • Commits that have more than one parent

Merge Commit Example Code

git cat-file -p c539b61

tree 3740b67563058ba5a8ca39db2fa782e94ad24f1b
parent 5a07a807828c0321472b61bf45fc228bef134d4b
parent 7f5eff26f7cb97e10d201189cc77bb25fc4bd1d1
author Matt Jennings <> 1598825747 -0700
committer Matt Jennings <> 1598825747 -0700

Merge branch 'exercise2'

Git Merge –no-ff (No Fast Forward)

  • To retain the history a merge commit, even if there are no changes to the base branch:
    git merge --no-ff

Merge Conflicts

  • Attempt to merge, but file have diverged too much.

Git ReReRe – Reuse Recorded Resolution

  • git save how you resolved a conflict
  • New conflict: reuse the same resolution
  • Useful for:
    • Long lived feature branch 
    • Rebasing

Git ReReRe – Reuse Recorded Resolution

  • Turn on only in a single repo:
    git config rerere.enabled true

Git Show Log

  • Show log of commits without branch graph:
    git --no-pager log --oneline
  • Show log of commits with branch graph:
    git --no-pager log --graph

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