How to Review GitHub Pull Requests When Building a Node.js App
Posted on October 21, 2019 in Git, GitHub, Node.js by Matt Jennings

  1. In a GitHub repo checkout the Pull Request (PR) branch name, like cool-feature-branch.
  2. In your Terminal, to fetch all remote branches to your local machine and checkout the remote Pull Request branch name (like cool-feature-branch) do:
  3. In your Terminal, to checkout out the commits from the remote PR (cool-feature-branch) on your local machine do:
  4. Then in your Terminal you’ll see something like:
  5. Make sure these commits on your local machine match the commits in GitHub! To exit the git log --oneline mode in your Terminal do:
  6. In your Terminal, to run the Node.js app do:
  7. Ensure that nothing is broken, test your app locally, and look at the code in the PR in GitHub!
  8. When ready, merge the PR in GitHub.

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