How to View a Website on Mac Using Localhost and
Posted on October 22, 2015 in, Mac by Matt Jennings

Steps to view a website on localhost (like localhost:8888) using on a Mac:

  1. Download the appropriate executable Mac file on this page.
  2. Open Terminal and navigate to downloaded file which should be named BrowserStackLocal.
  3. Open Google Chrome and make sure you install the “BrowserStack” and “BrowserStack Local” extensions.
  4. In Google Chrome log into your paid account, and go to your local testing account page where you should see an Access Key heading with an access key that is similar to:
  5. Go back to Terminal and run a similar command below but with your access key. The example code is:
    ./BrowserStackLocal -f DsVSdoJPBi2z44sbGFx1 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/example/
  6. After that above code finishes executing Terminal should say that you can successfully run websites on localhost using
  7. Make sure the “BrowserStack” and
  8. In Google Chrome, go to your localhost website address, something like
  9. Click on the Google Chrome BrowserStack plugin button and you should go to a page where you can should an operating system and browser to open, like Windows 7, IE9. Choose Windows 7, IE9 and and that browser and operating system will open. Then you will be able to go to your localhost website, like

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