Exporting Groups (Folders) to Files in Photoshop
Posted on March 5, 2014 in JavaScript, Photoshop by Matt Jennings

Unfortunately, Photoshop CS5 and below only offers an option to export layers to files. Yet there is no option to export groups (folders) to files.

Per Damien van Holten’s blog post, to export Photoshop groups to separate .png files:

  • Click here to download a zipped directory that includes two files:
    • ps-export-groups-to-files.jsx
      The Photoshop JavaScript that Damien van Holten created.
      A sample PSD from me.
  • After unzipping the file, open in Photoshop.
  • Inside Photoshop from the top menu select Layer > Hide Layers.
  • Select all layers so that they’re highlighted.
  • Next select Layer > Show Layers. All layers must be visible for the script to work properly.
  • Select File > Scripts > Browse....
  • From the Load popup window, navigate to the ps-export-groups-to-files.jsx script and double-click it.
  • Groups (folders) named pic1 through pic5 will quickly be exported to files named pic1.png through pic5.png.

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