In Git, Revert to a Previous Commit Locally without Losing Any of your Previous Commit History
Posted on June 8, 2016 in Command Line, Git by Matt Jennings

To revert to a previous Git commit locally without losing any of your previous commit history, follow the steps below:

  1. In Mac Terminal, or another shell, do the command below to view all previous commits:
    git log --oneline
  2. Then you will see output similar to:
  3. Find the commit number you want to revert back to, like:
    922d67e completed home page slideshow JS
  4. Then, do the command below:
    git revert --no-commit 922d67e..HEAD
  5. Add all of the reverted file changes to a commit via:
    git add -A
  6. Do a commit with a comment, like below:
    git commit -m "reverted to previous commit"
  7. Finally, assuming that your repo is connected to a remote GitHub or Bitbucket repo via a SSH key, do a push to the remote repo:
    git push

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